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Optional Networked Hardware

Audio/Video Switch - R197AV

Local/Network Controlled Independent 4-channel Stereo Audio or Stereo-Audio-Follow-Video/RF Switching System.



The MultiPlayer finally removes any restrictions by combining multiple EAS audio recorders/players (playheads) and seamless on demand audio switching in a single compact chassis. Combined with a host DASDEC, the MultiPlayer provides up to 5 completely independent EAS audio channels playable at any time - eliminating the maze of relay panels, switches and strange hold-off logic plaguing other systems. model: MultiPlayer


4 unit EAS Switch  - R198

Local/Network Controlled Stereo Analog to Digital Audio Convertor/DA and 4-channel AES/EBU Switching System

LAN Hub Controller  - R190A


The Model R-190A supplies remote contact closure from any web browser. This allows the operator to perform remote functions at remote sites with contact closures. LAN IP addresses may be assigned to the R190A from any PC, using a web browser.



Remote LAN Hub Controller provides TCP/IP network control of two (2) independent GPI and two (2) independent GPO (dry contact relays) for a variety of applications, including EAS centralcasting and MultiStation installations. Each DASDEC can control up to eight (8) Net/GPIO-WR22s. Unit’s IP address is assigned from any PC/Mac, using a web browser. Password authentication prevents accidental triggering. Small, packaging chassis provides convenient installation with single 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45) and screw terminals. model: Net/GPIO-WR22

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