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About Us

With an entrepreneurial spirit, beginning in 1954 as a custom engineering house, Monroe Electronics was founded by Robert E. Vosteen, who specialized in designing and manufacturing instrumentation & systems for local industries. By the late 1950s, he had invented a reliable, precise, drift-free method for non-contact measurement of static electricity and his feedback electrostatic measurement technique became the international standard for measurements utilized in photocopier R&D, industrial monitoring, sensitive electronic assembly, bio-electric research, lightning warning among many other applications. In the late 1960s timed & remote control were advancing and the company developed a series of high-speed cue-tone decoders. The company designed and manufactured cue tone control devices for a variety of circuits having an audio path – pioneering work in the early days of Cable Television (CATV) industry led to developing a cue-tone switching for the fledgling Home Box Office (HBO) movie service where the signals could be switched under unattended control. It was in this same time period the company developed the first emergency override system for CATV. In 2003 Digital Alert Systems' founders Bruce Robertson and Tom Wood determined that there were three important issues surrounding Emergency Alerting Systems (EAS); The original scope of EAS was expanding – becoming more important and critical to government agencies, the current equipment available was not up to task and needed significant technological improvements, and a blended approach leveraging preeminent information processing technology with network-centric thinking better served the customer with a more relevant EAS platform that incorporated simplified and upgradable software to ensure long-term viability. The result of this market-understanding and innovative thinking was the DASDEC™ EAS Encoder-Decoder product line. Which, when certified by the FCC in 2004, revolutionized the industry. Both company leaders identified the collective benefits to its customers and in 2005 Digital Alert Systems entered exclusive manufacturing and licensing agreements with Monroe Electronics to manufacture and market the DASDEC for the Cable, IPTV, and Campus communications industries under the One-Net™ brand. In late 2009 Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics took their partnership to a new level by merging operations, manufacturing and worldwide support under one primary organization. Under this new chapter, Digital Alert Systems became a division of Monroe Electronics. The combined Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics organization maintained its customer-centric focus while becoming the foremost market leader with units sold into the cable, telecommunications, IPTV, and campuses throughout the world. In 2018, the company's focus emphasized its commitment to the emergency messaging market and divested the electrostatic product line, and with it the Monroe Electronics corporate name, formally making the enduring organization Digital Alert Systems, Inc. At Digital Alert Systems, we remain dedicated to the company's initial vision - create innovative improvements for emergency messaging products, with hardware, software, and service, to address changing needs, leveraging superior technologies with a network-centric approach, and providing customers with exceptional sales, service, and support.

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