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Every successful company has a plan ...
You should too!

Maintaining EAS equipment is a challenge and everyone knows it. Constantly changing rules and regulations, evolving technology requirements, and critical security updates can create enormous headaches for even the most astute operators. What everyone wants is a simple, inexpensive way to keep their EAS/CAP devices up-to-date and compliant with FCC rules, IPAWS improvements, and critical fixes. Well, the solution is here! The Digital Alert Systems Software Assurance Plan is a simple way for customers to easily ensure their platforms are always up to current requirements by covering ALL ongoing software releases — regardless of the software version — in exchange for a small annual fee. So, if you are part of the Software Assurance Plan and on Version 4.0, then all subsequent versions are yours; V4.1, V4.2 - even V5.0 and beyond. No additional charges! Customers can now budget the small and manageable costs of software maintenance on an annual basis, eliminating larger periodic upgrade charges, or worse, falling behind on critical updates and facing large non-compliance fines. This simplifies the entire process so you can attend to more pressing matters. Under the Software Assurance Plan, customers have immediate access to the latest software including new features, upgrades on licensed features, any, fixes, and security updates. Also, Software Assurance Plan members receive discounts on repairs (parts and labor) and any additional software license keys.


Receive ALL software releases regardless of version number

Keeps software current with any new features and security enhancements

Respond quickly to critical compliance mandates and security updates

Lower overall costs with simple annual budgeting

Avoid steeper charges for major upgrades

5% discount on repair costs (parts and labor)

5% purchase price discount on additional license keys/options

If at any point a future software release is not supported by the hardware,
Digital Alert Systems will replace the hardware at a discount

Software Assurance Plan Members Also Receive:

With the Software Assurance Plan it’s never been easier to maintain and keep your EAS/CAP device up to date!

Three Easy Steps to Join


Verify each DASDEC™ or One-Net™ is on Version 5.x software*.


Email company information and serial number(s) to:, and Digital Alert Systems will return documentation along with an invoice covering the first year’s subscription fee.


Sign the agreement and arrange payment, then once payment is made, you’re covered!

*To be eligible for the Software Assurance Plan, each device must be running Version 5.0 software. Devices below V5.0 must be upgraded for inclusion in a Software Assurance Plan. Please contact Digital Alert Systems or a representative for information on upgrading to V5.x based on current platform and software version.

The Software Assurance Plan from Digital Alert Systems. An easy and inexpensive way to budget software maintenance costs, keep up-to-date with constant changes and remain fully compliant with regulations

Simply your life. Sign up today!

Call or contact Digital Alert Systems for more information:

Patty Carpenter
Customer Service Manager

1-585-765-2254 ext. 105

Adam Jones
Sr. Sales Engineer

1-585-765-2254 ext. 134

Karen Fortunato
Customer Service

1-585-765-2254 ext. 114

Bill Robertson
VP Business Development

1-585-765-2254 ext. 121

Cheri Poler
Purchasing Manager 

1-585-765-2254 ext. 103

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