Dear Valued Customer, First, we would like to say thanks for your support in purchasing one of our original models. It’s nice to know that discerning customers like you understand the virtues of performance and value when buying our EAS systems. We have created the best possible products for our industry through your support and our continued efforts. Unfortunately, through the continuous march of technology, our oldest DASDEC and One-Net (R189) models are no longer supportable*. The hardware platform and software are no longer available; however, there is still value in the log files, the configuration files, and in the license keys. As part of our continued customer commitment, we offer the ability to UPgrade and TRADE-in or UP-TRADE existing hardware at standard cost while transferring all license keys, any compatible hardware**, configurations, and EAS logs to the new platform for a small labor charge. Think of it as upgrading your speakers without having to upgrade all your music! * For more information on Digital Alert Systems End-Of-Life policy, visit https://www.digitalalertsystems.com/EAS_DAS/eol.html ** Unfortunately, the old EXP-3NICGIG, EXP-GPIO, and EXP-EAS modules are incompatible with the newest hardware and cannot be swapped. Newer versions are available for inclusion at an extra cost.

No longer supported

Currently supported

One-Net Models

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Starts with a "1" or "5"

One-Net SE

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Starts with a "1" or "5"


Starts with DAS1xxx or any number except "1" or "5"

The UP•TRADE program provides the following customer benefits:

Much less money than purchasing a completely new unit and associated license keys

Keeps software current with any new features and security enhancements

Includes a full 2-year warranty with an option to extend the warranty to 5-years of worry-free operation

Includes the latest Version 4.0 software with improved performance, overall security, and Features like Triggered CAP Polling™ and the new required BLU alert code.

New units use Solid State Drives (SSD), replacing the whirring clicking and mechanically vulnerable drives in the old models. Fortunately, those drives have been spinning for years – but it’s not a matter of if, but when they will fail.

New units include both analog and digital AES program audio circuits (The DASLC “Low Cost” models are analog only).

New units have a single Ethernet port, upgradeable to three (3) independent ports with the EXP-2NICGIG option.

Functionality or compliance additions are proceeding only with Version 4.0 and higher; only Version 4.0 and higher users will receive new features or updates. This means only systems capable of hosting V4.0 will be supported.

More compelling reasons to UP-TRADE

Older systems may continue to operate, but development on those systems has ceased.

Functionality or compliance additions are proceeding only with Version 4.0 and higher, only users of Version 4.0 and higher will receive new features or updates. This means only systems capable of supporting V4.0 will be supported.

Your UP•TRADE savings will be substantial versus buying all new licenses and compatible hardware options. However, actual savings vary based on the number of hardware options and software licenses in each device, and any retained value is leveraged on the new platform.

The UP•TRADE program requires very low-level functions that cannot be done in the field. The unit must be returned to the factory to allow hands-on by our service technicians to perform these procedures properly. More importantly, following this process provides and maintains continuity of all the EAS log files as a complete record (including audio). In addition, there is no way to issue additional license keys for units not returned to the factory for decommissioning and e-cycling. 



To UP•TRADE your existing hardware and software now, contact one of our team members to assist, including providing license key information to create a custom quotation.

Thanks again for your continued support.

The Team at Digital Alert Systems

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Customer Service Manager

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Customer Service

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Purchasing Manager 

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