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V5.3 Software

Welcome to our latest and most extensive software for compatible DASDEC™ and One-Net™ series of emergency messaging platforms. Version 5.3 futher forwards the company’s commitment to providing the best flexible emergency messaging platform.

Version 5 software series, with its new user interface and upgraded operating system, is available for older, but compatible DASDEC-II and One-Net SE units in the field, and is readily installable on any DASDEC-III model. The DASDEC-II or One-Net SE model must be a series /3 or greater with a 64-bit capable CPU. See the table below for more details.

Customers can check the CPU to verify compatibility by following the information in this application note:
Hardware Identification App Note

You can get more details on the Version 5 upgrade by reading the datasheet here:  DS-VERSION_5.0_R1.2.pdf

Note: In order to upgrade to V5.3 you must first be running V5.2.  If you have not installed V5.2, please go to the Version 5.2 page for more information.

Please see this video for assistance in upgrading from V5.2 to V5.3

To install V5.3 proceed to the <V5.3 Upgrade ...>  link and follow the instructions. You will need the Download Link password to enter the site.

Contact if you need access credentials. Again, include your serial number for verification purposes.

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