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Emergency Alerting - Messaging

Third Generation Flexible Emergency Messaging Platform

Digital Alert Systems, the innovative leader in EAS/CAP products, presents the DASDEC-III. The latest in the award winning DASDEC™ series of emergency messaging devices.

Features • Unified platform for all applications: broadcast TV, CATV, IPTV, radio, industrial, emergency management/public safety • Two models provide flexible, cost-effective solutions to any application • Modular digital audio and multiple networking options • Multiple software options for easy in-field upgrades • Program audio features RJ-45 connectors for simple wiring using CAT5/6 cabling • High definition video option using HDMI output with embedded message audio An innovative leader in the emergency messaging market for over 20 years, Digital Alert Systems continues its reputation for excellence and innovation by introducing the DASDEC-III, the latest generation of emergency messaging technology. Chock full of powerful features for a wide range of applications, the DASDEC-III covers current requirements and is designed to handle future needs with easy software upgrades in a flexible, proven hardware package and a host of communication interfaces and standards. The DASDEC-III from Digital Alert Systems is the next generation of emergency messaging technology, ready to carry emergency messaging well into the 21st century.

EAS Decoder (DAS3-EL)

DASDEC-III Entry Level Emergency Messaging Platform - FCC Certified Decoder platform features: • Version 5.0 software with streamlined user interface • Complete system management via compatible web browser on any platform • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) compliant • Includes CAP-Plus for CAP v1.2 FEMA/IPAWS profile 1.0 text and audio processing • Two (2) channel monitoring audio inputs • Stereo analog audio in/out with integrated switching and fail-safe signal bypass • All audio connections feature separate RJ-45s for input and output following StudioHub™ wiring standards. Customer is responsible for all cabling. Visit for wiring adapters examples. • Single 10/100 Ethernet interfaces (expandable to 4) for intranet/ Internet communications between users, printers, DASDECs, and other station equipment • Highly configurable hardware supports a wide range of peripherals and 3rd party products with 2 GPIs, 2 GPOs, 4 USBs, and one RS-232 port • Small 2 RU footprint saves valuable rack space • Solid State Disk (SSD) storage for years of trouble-free operation and capacity for thousands of alerts – text, audio, and CAP elements (images and attachments) • Optional DAS3-AES Stereo analog and synchronous digital (AES) audio in/out with integrated switching and fail-safe signal bypass • Optional DASENCS software adds full-featured EAS Encoding capabilities • Optional DAS3-2RADIO adds two (2) independent radios software-tunable to any AM/FM or NOAA frequency inside the chassis • Optional NONOISE-PS No-Noise (fan-less) external power supply • All DASDEC models include a 2-year warranty. Extended warranty available • Shipping size: 22" x 19" x 9" and weight: 19 lbs.

EAS Encoder - Decoder (DAS3-EX)
EAS Encoder - Decoder (DAS3-GX
The DASDEC-III from Digital Alert Systems
Your trusted leader and solutions partner for emergency messaging.
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