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ADR - Administrative Message
AVA - Avalanche Watch
AVW - Avalanche Warning
BZW - Blizzard Warning
CAE - Child Abduction Emergency
CDW - Civil Danger Warning
CEM - Civil Emergency Message
CFA - Coastal Flood Watch
CFW - Coastal Flood Warning
DMO - Practice/Demo Warning
DSW - Dust Storm Warning
EAN - Emergency Action Notification
EAT - Emergency Action Termination (deprecated July 2016)
EQW - Earthquake Warning
EVI - Evacuation Immediate
EWW - Extreme Wind Warning
FFA - Flash Flood Watch
FFS - Flash Flood Statement
FFW - Flash Flood Warning
FLA - Flood Watch
FLS - Flood Statement
FLW - Flood Warning
FRW - Fire Warning
HLS - Hurricane Statement
HMW - Hazardous Materials Warning
HUA - Hurricane Watch
HUW - Hurricane Warning
HWA - High Wind Watch
HWW - High Wind Warning
LAE - Local Area Emergency
LEW - Law Enforcement Warning
NIC - National Information Center
NMN - Network Message Notification
NPT - National Periodic Test
NUW - Nuclear Power Plant Warning
RHW - Radiological Hazard Warning
RMT - Required Monthly Test
RWT - Required Weekly Test
SMW - Special Marine Warning
SPS - Special Weather Statement
SPW - Shelter in Place Warning
SSA - Storm Surge Watch
SSW - Storm Surge Warning
SVR - Severe Thunderstorm Warning
SVR - Severe Thunderstorm Warning
SVS - Severe Weather Statement
TOA - Tornado Watch
TOE - 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
TOR - Tornado Warning
TRA - Tropical Storm Watch
TRW - Tropical Storm Warning
TSA - Tsunami Watch
TSW - Tsunami Warning
VOW - Volcano Warning
WSA - Winter Storm Watch
WSW - Winter Storm Warning
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