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Digital Alert Systems continually strives to improve its products and services for our customers, but we can’t do it all alone - we need your help. In the world of Internet-connected devices, a strong vigilant focus on security is promoted by properly installing and maintaining your EAS equipment. Keeping your EAS gear behind strong firewalls and in a secure network helps create a critical barrier to unauthorized entry or exploitation. Further, maintaining your EAS device with current software updates is a key part of keeping up to date with critical security patches.

These devices are not security appliances themselves and are designed to operate BEHIND A PROPER FIREWALL!

By properly maintaining the equipment you form the crucial link in this security chain. 

If you have questions, concerns or reports regarding the security of your product, contact the Digital Alert Systems security team at, or telephone (585) 765-2254




Over the years we have released several resources on security postures to help our customers and the industry overall understand why security is so important and how it can be done. Here are just two examples:




Customer Contacts

In order to quickly communicate with our customers, it is important we are provided with current contact information on your product registration, and kept informed of any changes. This way we can communicate details on security information, vulnerabilities, and software security patches quickly and directly.  We rely on you to ensure we have the most current contact information for your organization. If you haven’t completed the registration process or need to update the information please follow this link: to provide your contact details.

It is the customer’s responsibility to properly configure, secure and maintain this equipment.† From time to time security scans are done to identify devices improperly connected to the open Internet. If you are contacted by a member of our security team, please understand our representative will be looking to advise you of the issue and help in properly securing the equipment. 


The representative will be looking to assist you in one or more of the following areas:


Removing your EAS device from the public Internet


Turning off unnecessary services


Changing the default credentials


When appropriate, assisting in firmware upgrades to the EAS device.


The representative will NOT:

Ask for log in credentials

Access the device without written permission


See, for example, FCC-CIRC1807-04.

Report a Product Security Issue or Vulnerability

Digital Alert Systems’ security assistance team is responsible for vulnerability management and overseeing and refining product security practices. The team will give reports and questions the attention they demand, including prompt acknowledgement, detailed responses, and, ultimately, the investigation and fixing of legitimate vulnerabilities.

We respectfully ask anyone who discovers a product security vulnerability follow our Vulnerability Reporting Policy thus ensuring proper discovery and handling of any issues.

Should there be any product security-related issues or questions please privately contact our security assistance team via email at

When reporting an issue, please include as many details as possible, such as:

Version numbers

Steps to reproduce the issue


Any other details that will help us validate the issue

We ask that you do not share any vulnerability details until we have responded, and that you allow a reasonable time frame for a response.

We hope this information combined with our service and support will help you and the industry keep a diligent watch over the critical EAS infrastructure.

Should you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us at  or Also, by telephone at +1 (585) 765-1155

Thank you,
The Digital Alert Systems Security Team



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